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 Haki System

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Haki System

Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess.[2][3] In simple terms, Haki is an ability to sense spiritual energy (Kenbunshoku), use life force (Busoshoku) and overpower enemies (Haoshoku). These three Haki you will roll for. There will be five options to roll for. The first will give you both Haki besides Hao with Ken as a mastery. Second has the same with Buso as a mastery. The third contains all Haki with Ken as a mastery, fourth the same with Buso as a mastery, and fifth as Hao with the mastery. May the odds be in your favor.


This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage in the series so far is knocking those with weak wills unconscious. Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them. However, those with stronger wills can resist or even ignore the effects of Haoshoku Haki. The ability to knock someone out depends on the difference in strength between the person using Haki and the person or persons the user is trying to knock out. The greater the power gap, the easier it is to knock the victim out. According to Rayleigh, while this type of Haki cannot be attained through training, it can be improved through strengthening the will of the user. It seems that upon recovery, victims of Haoshoku Haki experience the sensation of chills running through their body. However, it presumably wears off after a short period. One can also use Haki to destroy things as seen by Shanks. When on Whitebeard's ship Shanks was able to crack a part of the ship using his Haki.

1. Haoshoku can only knock out those two tiers below the user.

2. Haoshoku knocks out NPCs that are a tier below the user.

3. If a master of Haoshoku, you can knock out those a tier below the yourself but this can only be done once in a thread. This means once you knock someone out you cannot knock out anyone else in the thread, You can weaken NPCs at the same tier, causing a lower tier in strength and endurance.


Naturally this "invisible armor" can be used as a weapon to strike others with. It can be used to augment the user's own attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally be without it. The Kuja's Haki-imbued arrows, for example, are capable of penetrating solid stone. This type of Haki also has the ability to bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user, touching the "substantial body" beneath whatever protection the fruit provides, such as the case of body-altering Devil Fruits such as Logia or Paramecia users. However, unlike Seastone, it does not negate a user's Devil Fruit powers, allowing them to defend themselves, and continue fighting normally. By the same effect, this Haki can also be used as a higher level of offensive power, more so than just bypassing a foe's Devil Fruit powers. A heavy concentration (or coating) of this Haki can be used to harden parts of one's body, turning the area black, thus making the user denser and more formidable, and giving their attacks greater power. As demonstrated with Vergo, and later Pica, it is possible for one to coat their entire body in Busoshoku Haki.

1. Busoshoku allows you to turn Logia tangible when the haki touches it in any form.

2. Busoshoku progresses in Tiers at the same time you do.

3. Busoshoku masters have a special ability that allows themselves to coat their entire body in full Busoshoku. They also gain an increase in the strength of their haki for one tier ahead of their own, not including the full body Busoshoku. This increase in strength requires extensive usage of the Haki over others.

Kenbunshoku: The most common usage of this Haki allows the user to sense the presence of others. Rayleigh states that to fully master this ability would allow the user to see others even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. When viewed this way, the user can't actually see the person with any physical characteristics, but rather recognizes the target(s) by an "aura" which forms as a light silhouette on a dark background, as demonstrated by Usopp sniping Sugar. The user can also use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier to evade with enough skill. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in the user's mind's eye, and the damage the user will take if the attack actually "hits". It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict. Although, more skilled users can predict future moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not.

1. Kenbonshoku can sense the prescense of others at the same tier and below.

2. You can conceal your presence with Kenbonshoku to other users of this haki if you're a tier higher.

3. Kenbonshoku masters can predict one movement of another person of the same tier and below and can mask their presence to those of the same tier and below. This prediction needs extensive use of the Haki over others.
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Haki System
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