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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:18 pm

General Rules

1. Try to be polite with one another. I know people can get on one another's nerves but I'd rather not have to pull anyone aside and talk to them personally about their behavior on the internet. If you have any issues, settle it in the dispute area and ask someone from staff to help you out.

2. No God-Modding at ALL. I will punish anyone proven to do so in a heart beat because it ruins the role play experience for others. You will be given a warning for the first time. If you don't know what this is then here's what it is: Knowing things ICly by finding them out OOCly or, having your character know that your friend died by reading about it in a thread your character had no part in. Taking several fatal blows and not showing any signs of the blows having a negative effect on your character. Another minor form would be fighting for extensive periods of time and not showing any signs of exhaustion.

3. No Mary Sues or Gary Sues please. This is basically having the perfect character, no flaws, no weaknesses, no fears. This is not allowed. No one is perfect, and there are zero exceptions.

4. Topics have to be listed with a tag. Examples would be [O] for Open [DE] for Death Enabled [P] for Private/Invite Only and so on. Respect the tags and all will be good.

5. Refrain from posting 2 sentence paragraphs please. People want to be able to read something with some level of depth in it. Put some effort into what you write.

6. Solo topics are cool and all, but don't make it ALL that you do. If a majority of what you write is by yourself then staff will "encourage" you to rp with others. Join a crew, a platoon/unit, do something with others. There will be incentives to working with others as well.

7. Applications pending for approval and the things being judged for approval cannot be used within an IC topic, in character, but may be used OOCly, or out of character, topic during the approval.

8. Cursing and what not is allowed just try not to have every sentence containing a curse word because it can get annoying for others to read. It's a little obnoxious.

9. Flame wars in the chat box is a no no, take it to the dispute area and call on a staff member.

10. Respect others and staff, it makes life easier for everyone on the site.

11. Follow posting order in a topic. If someone becomes inactive or doesn't post for a day without an explanation then they can be skipped. I know how impatient people can be because I'm impatient myself.

12. Post your skills in a spoiler so everyone within the topic know what you've used. Often times people like to be sneaky with their attacks against others and don't clarify what they've done enough. Hopefully this will help somewhat in discerning those attacks.

13. You may ask staff to look at things in the chat box but don't over do it please. Staff have lives too. If you ABSOLUTELY need them to look at it or you're just super impatient, then send them a PM and if you see them in the chat box, ask once and be on your way.

14. Sexual Content is a very iffy thing on forums. I'd like to say that some of this is allowed but you CANNOT go too far with this. Kissing is good and all but don't detail it out for everyone. If its questionable to do in public in real life then don't bother putting it in the thread. This site is about ONE PIECE, it's not a textual dating site for you to express your sexual desires on. Just no. Don't put ANYTHING sexual in the chat box. I don't want to be talkin to someone to see other members making out over cyber space and text.

If I see anything else I think I need to add in to this area then I will not hesitate to do so.
- Kou
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General Rules
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